materials & care: 

laura estrada jewelry is hand fabricated by me, laura estrada, in my sunny Los angeles studio. using recycled materials when possible, each piece is constructed primarily from sterling silver & raw brass. these materials, by nature, develop a natural patina over time from exposure to air, moisture and oils. to slow this oxidation process, wipe down your jewelry with a soft cloth and store in a secure and dry place after each wear, preferably in a sealed bag. Avoid direct contact with skin care products, hair products, perfume, and cleaning products.  

although a natural patina can often enhance jewelry, if you would like to maintain a bright finish or restore shine to the metal, here are some tips:

  • use the jewelry polishing cloth included in your order to remove any oxidation

  • gently scrub jewelry in warm soapy water to remove dirt

  • make a lemon + baking soda paste and rub with cloth or toothbrush

  • use toothpaste or ketchup on the jewelry to dissolve tarnish

if your piece has a protective sealant applied to it, treat in the same way, keeping it dry and clean. over time, if the sealant fades, send your piece back for a complementary re-coating.