laura estrada is a lifelong artist who has been creating jewelry and metal objects for over 8 years. she completed her BFA with highest honors at the University of georgia in 2013, before apprenticing and working under prominent jeweler lola brooks. she currently lives and makes in los angeles, CAlifornia. 

estrada’s debut collection finds its roots in the most elemental terrain an artist can mine. felipe — named for her father, constructed with her grandfather’s tools and made in a tradition of powerful women workers that began in guatemala — is a statement of both aesthetic and craft.

forged from raw brass and silver using traditional metalsmithing techniques, estrada seamlessly melds organic shapes and textures to create elegant forms that are at once timeless and individual. her effortless combination of inherent strength and beauty is artfully conceived through design rich in form and function — each piece emboldens its wearer with strength, resilience and fortitude.

no matter the wearer’s story, felipe forges a connection from estrada’s own lore and lineage to deliver a collection that is at once universal, elemental and mystic.